Privacy News for May 7, 2021

Privacy and the Pandemic

Contact tracing data breach in Pennsylvania warrants investigation, lawmakers say | The Progress

Exploitation in the time of COVID | Security Magazine

Government Surveillance

Biden team may partner with private firms to monitor extremist chatter online | CNN

A Border Town Confronts the Reality of Police Surveillance | WIRED

States push back against use of facial recognition by police | Minneapolis Star Tribune

Facial recognition technology approved at New York border crossings | WCAX

Honolulu airport rolls out facial recognition technology | Pacific Business News

Laws, Regulations, and Legislation

King County Council delays vote on facial recognition ban | The Seattle Times

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Rubber Stamps Mass Surveillance Under Section 702 – Again | EFF

Surveillance Capitalism

‘How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism’ Audiobook — Part 5: read by Cory Doctorow | OneZero

Biometric Privacy

Digital volunteers to expose scale of facial recognition technology in New York City | Amnesty International

Anyone can use this powerful facial-recognition tool — and that’s a problem | CNN

Why Big Tech Wants (Some) Facial Recognition Rules | The Washington Post

San Diego Held Back Materials Sought by Congress on Facial Recognition | Voice of San Diego

Spotify urged to rule out ‘invasive’ voice recognition tech | Reuters


Instagram, Facebook Messenger won’t have default encryption till 2022 | Live Mint

How Does VPN Encryption Work [primer] |

Privacy Tools and Techniques

Surveillance Self-Defense Playlist: Getting to Know Your Phone | EFF

Anonymity Online: Is It Possible? | Innovation & Tech Today

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