Privacy News for May 8

Privacy During the Pandemic

Welcome Back to the Office. Your Every Move will be Watched. [paywalled] | The Wall Street Journal

Is Your Company Spying on You? Digital Surveillance Tools Track your Productivity when Working from Home | ABC News

U.S. Senators Offer Privacy Bill for COVID-19 Contact Tracing | The New York Times

[Bruce Schneier] on COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps | Schneier on Security

Fever-Reading Drones just First of a Wave of Privacy Challenges, Civil Liberties Advocates Say | Miami Herald

U.K. Virus App Contains Privacy Loopholes, Rights Group Says | Bloomberg

European Virus Tracing Apps Highlight Battle for Privacy | AP

Coronavirus: New NHS Contact-Tracing App Vulnerable to ‘Malicious False Alerts’, Warn Experts [UK] | Independent

Misuse of Virus App Leads to $63,000 Fine [Australia] | 9 News

India’s Covid-19 App Fuels Worries Over Authoritarianism and Surveillance | The Guardian

How Americans see digital privacy issues amid the COVID-19 outbreak | Pew Research Center

Government Surveillance

Senate to Vote on Renewing Surveillance Powers Months after Lapse | Politico

WeChat Users Outside China Face Surveillance while Training Censorship Algorithms | The Washington Post

Biometric Privacy

Homeland Security to Move Biometric Database to Amazon Cloud | New York Post

DHS’s Forthcoming Biometrics System Presents Unmitigated Privacy Risks | FedScoop

Federal Courts can Hear Cases Brought Under Illinois Biometric Law – 7th Circuit [BIPA] | Reuters

Laws, Regulations, and Legislation

The Cybersecurity 202: Democrats Push a Bill to Combat Child Pornography Without Undermining Encryption | The Washington Post

[Boston] City Council to Consider Ban on Facial Recognition, Surveillance Oversight, School Information-Sharing Rules | The Boston Globe

Drug Case Could be Test for High-Tech Surveillance | GovTech


WhatsApp Gets Powerful New Security Boost: Here’s Why it Affects You | Forbes

FBI Head Helped Facebook Defend Encryption He’s Now Fighting | Reuters

Zoom Acquires Encryption Startup Keybase | ZDNet

Securing Internet Videoconferencing Apps: Zoom and Others | SecurityBoulevard [by Bruce Schneier]

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

GoDaddy Confirms Data Breach: What 19 Million Customers Need to Know | Forbes

Unacademy Suffers a Data Breach; 22 Mn User Records for Sale on Dark Web | CISO Magazine

Poor Encryption Exposes Biometric Database of 4.5 Million Israeli Citizens |

Government Investigates Data Breach Revealing Details of 774,000 Migrants [Australia] | The Guardian

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