Privacy News and Views for November 10


Minimize your library’s future data breach | OIF Blog; “It goes without saying that every library should do everything they can to safeguard each user’s privacy. But in the event that a breach or data theft occurs, it will be better if the information that is there isn’t more comprehensive than is absolutely necessary.”

We must not let big tech threaten our security, freedoms and democracy  (Editorial by Sen. Al Franken) | The Guardian

Government Surveillance

ALA joins 45 privacy, civil rights, and human rights organizations to urge opposition to the Senate Intelligence Committee’s bill to reauthorize Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

ALA also signed on to a letter urging Congress to close the close the “backdoor search loophole” in the USA Liberty Act.

Congress Can’t Compromise on Privacy | US News and World Report

Reps. Seek to Slam Surveillance Back Door | Broadcasting & Cable

Treasury’s Turf War over Domestic Surveillance | Just Security

Department of Homeland Security Annual Privacy Report |

Corporate Surveillance

Founder of web browser Opera says worried about online privacy | The New York Times

Big Brother isn’t just watching: workplace surveillance can track your every move | The Guardian

Students’ and Minors’ Privacy

YouTube’s new profiles for children have privacy experts very concerned | MarketWatch


Texas gunman’s iPhone could reignite FBI-Apple feud over encryption | The Washington Post


BIPA Fingerprint Suits Continue | National Law Review

Privacy Self-Defense

The iOS 11 privacy and security settings you should check right now | Wired

Law and Regulation

Worried about hackers, states turn to cyber insurance | Pew Stateline

ICANN Meeting Fails To Resolve Privacy Law Clash | The Recorder

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