Privacy News for November 16


Advocates draw battle lines over national privacy law | The Hill

34 Civil Rights, Consumer, and Privacy Organizations Unite to Release Principles for Privacy Legislation | Public Knowledge

Silicon Valley to Trump: Fed Privacy Law Should Trump States | Broadcasting & Cable

Government and Corporate Surveillance

If You Drive in Los Angeles, the Cops Can Track Your Every Move | Wired

How Much Data Does Your Car Collect? Here’s a Reminder | Data Privacy & Security Insider

Facebook Failed to Police How Its Partners Handled User Data | New York Times

The Cybersecurity 202: Amazon is now at the center of a debate over public safety versus privacy | Washington Post

How Much Data Does Your Car Collect? Here’s a Reminder | Data Privacy & Security Insider

Where Data Privacy Is Concerned, There’s a Lot to Consider | GovTech

Consumer Privacy Survey Shows 70% Want Personal Data to Stay on Mobile Phones | BusinessWire

Using Wi-Fi to “see” behind closed doors is easier than anyone thought | MIT Technology Review

The ‘Internet of Bodies’ Is Here. Are Courts and Regulators Ready? | Wall Street Journal

Libraries and Privacy

Move Deliberately and Repair Things | Inside Higher Ed

Minors’ and Students’ Privacy

Senators urge FTC to investigate manipulative ads in children’s apps | Gizmodo

Senators Markey, Udall, Blumenthal Call for FTC Investigation into Manipulative Marketing in Children’s Apps | U.S. Senate


Manhattan DA Cy Vance Says The Only Solution To Device Encryption Is Federally-Mandated Backdoors | TechDirt

This Week in Data Breaches data breach exposed personal details of 75,000 | CNBC Breach Included Social Security Numbers and, Reportedly, Children’s Info | Gizmodo

Security breach at Nordstrom exposed sensitive employee data | Seattle Time