Privacy News for November 2


FTC Announces Sessions on Consumer Privacy and Data Security As Part of its Hearings on Competition and Consumer Protection in the 21st Century | Federal Trade Commission

Government Surveillance

Pentagon Wants to Predict Anti-Trump Protests Using Social Media Surveillance | Motherboard

Corporate Surveillance

How tech companies deceive you into giving up your data and privacy | TED Talks

Google’s smart city dream is turning into a privacy nightmare | Endgadget

The Privacy Battle to Save Google From Itself | Wired

Anti-Choice Groups Use Smartphone Surveillance to Target ‘Abortion-Minded Women’ During Clinic Visits | ReWire

The Vote With Me app looks up your contacts’ voting records | Buzzfeed News

Jason Chaffetz: Apple’s Tim Cook is right: Americans’ privacy should be treated as a fundamental right | Fox News

Libraries and Privacy

Privacy and the public library: NYPL’s chief digital officer looks to raise awareness in Seattle visit | GeekWire

Minors’ and Students’ Privacy

Your Kid’s Apps Are Crammed With Ads | New York Times

Facing tomorrow’s high-tech school surveillance | Motherboard

Biometric and Genetic Privacy

Treating ‘genetic privacy’ like it’s just one thing keeps us from understanding people’s concerns | The Verge

DNA kits: What does your cousin’s DNA reveal about you? | OIF Blog

Law and Regulation

Senator’s data privacy law draft could put CEOs in jail for lying | C|Net

Wyden Releases Discussion Draft of Legislation to Provide Real Protections for Americans’ Privacy | Senator Ron Wyden

Democrat’s draft privacy bill includes prison time for execs | Axios

Privacy group calls on US government to adopt universal AI guidelines to protect safety, security and civil liberties | TechCrunch

This Week in Data Breaches

Data breach may have exposed personal information for thousands of Girl Scouts | Los Angeles Times