Privacy News and Views for November 3


Your Data Is Being Manipulated | danah boyd  (full text)

Government Surveillance

ALA joins 26 orgs to urge Congress to oppose the USA LIBERTY Act unless  the “backdoor search” loophole is closed | Demand Progress

A Chance to Control Domestic Spying | The New Republic

Treasury’s Turf War Over Domestic Spying | Just Security

Corporate Surveillance

App developer access to iPhone X face data spooks some privacy experts | Reuters

Russia’s social media meddling could spell the end of online anonymity | The Verge

Google Docs Glitch That Locked Out Users Underscores Privacy Concerns | New York Times


Do Not Track Implementation Guide Launched | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Florida Sets Sights on Becoming Cybersecurity Front-Runner | Government Technology

Students’ and Minors’ Privacy

BOE to vote on installing computer content filtering programs | Derby Informer (KS)

“The content filtering program – free for Chromebooks from a company called Securly – would alert district staff if students made comments on social media about hurting themselves or bullied others who did. For example, if a student posted that he or she planned to “end it all,” Securly would send an alert, and also would do so if another student replied “You should kill yourself.”

Broadband Privacy

Verizon Wants FCC to Ban States From Protecting Your Privacy | DSL Reports


Sessions blasts tech firms for blocking access to encrypted evidence | The Hill

Fine, OK, no backdoors, says Deputy AG. Just keep PLAINTEXT copies of everyone’s messages | The Register

Privacy Self-Defense

What iPhone X Face ID Means for You | Teen Vogue

Encrypt Your Flash Drive to Ensure Your Peace of Mind | Lifehacker

Health Care Privacy

HHS Office for Civil Rights issues guidance on how HIPAA allows information sharing to address the opioid crisis |

FDA urges patient data access with medical device information | Health Security

Law and Regulation

New cert petition: SCOTUS must decide when data breach victims can sue | Reuters

Will The Supremes Finally Push Congress To Update The Outdated Stored Communications Act? | Above the Law

This Week in Data Breaches

Denver Art Museum warns donors, members, employees after sensitive data breach | Denver Post

Seattle woman says her identity has been stolen 15 times since Equifax data breach | Huffington Post

676 data breaches reported in N.J. last year, State Police say |

Hilton reaches $700,000 settlement over data breaches in 2015 | CNBC News

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