Privacy News for November 8

Libraries and Privacy

Anonymous Signs Help Brookline Library Patrons Find Sensitive Information | Wicked Local Brookline

Everyday Surveillance

Leaked Documents Show Facebook Leveraged User Data to Fight Rivals and Help Friends | NBC News

Shadowy Data Brokers Make the Most of Their Invisibility Cloak | Los Angeles Times

Government Surveillance

Homeland Security Will Soon Have Biometric Data on Nearly 260 Million People | Quartz

An Artificial Intelligence Company Backed by Microsoft is Helping Israel Surveil Palestinians | Vox

The U.S. Wants a Backdoor to Your Encrypted Messages. Sweden just Showed up with a Battering Ram | Newsweek

Biometric Privacy

Facial Recognition Software Sparks Transparency Battle | Law360

Face Biometrics Privacy Lawsuit Goes Ahead in China as Police Deploy Emotion Recognition for Criminal ID | Biometric Update


ISPs Lied to Congress to Spread Confusion about Encrypted DNS, Mozilla Says | Ars Technica

Facebook to Expand Encryption Drive Despite Warnings Over Crime | The New York Times

Why Adding Client-Side Scanning Breaks End-to-End Encryption | EFF

Laws, Regulations, and Legislation

US Department of Justice Push for Encryption Backdoors Might Run Afoul of First Amendment | CSO

Texas Updates Data Breach Notification Requirements | National Law Review

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

Desjardins Group Data Breach Hit All 4.2 Million Members: Quebec Finance Minister | Reuters

Facebook Reveals Another Privacy Breach, this Time Involving Developers | ZDNet

Breach at DNA-Test Firm Veritas Exposed Customer Information | Bloomberg

California DMV Improperly Released Social Security Data | CNET

AsusWRT and Amazon Alexa Products Compromised in Data Breach | Security Magazine

Privacy Tools

10 Actions that Will Protect People from Facial Recognition Software | Brookings

Why Encrypted Email Service ProtonMail is Open-Sourcing its Mobile Apps | Venture Beat