Privacy News and Views for October 27

Featured: Libraries and Privacy

ALERT: Library patrons in 10 western Wisconsin counties affected in data breach | 25News

Securing Patron Privacy  |ALCTS Webinar

Government Surveillance

Exclusive: U.S. widens surveillance to include ‘homegrown violent extremists’ |Reuters

US Begins Collecting Social Media Information from Immigrants | Voice of America

New DHS Social Media Retention Practices Threaten Privacy, Freedom of Expression | New America Foundation

New Evidence Shows Defense Dep’t Abusing Surveillance Procedures To Spy On Americans | TechCrunch

Senate diverges over renewal of internet spying law | Reuters

Happy Patriot Act Day! | Just Security

Right-leaning groups back international data privacy bill | The Hill

Looking for privacy in all the wrong places | Townhall (USA PATRIOT Act)

Access to Data Across Borders: The Critical Role for Congress to Play Now | American Constitutional Society

How lobbyists convinced lawmakers to kill a broadband privacy bill | Ars Technica

Microsoft drops lawsuit after feds move to limit gag orders on tech companies | The Hill

Government surveillance threatens free speech: Support for the USA RIGHTS Act and opposition to DHS social media protocols | NCAC

Why governments should protect us from barely-taxed tech monopolies | The Guardian

Students’ and Minors’ Privacy

FTC relaxes COPPA rule so kids can issue voice searches and commands | TechCrunch


Google’s annual report shows more web traffic is encrypted | Endgadget

FBI couldn’t access nearly 7K devices because of encryption | Associated Press

The FBI Can’t Stop Fearmongering About Encryption | Gizmodo

Biometric Privacy

Putting a Finger on a Problem? Employees Challenge Biometric Scanners as Violating Privacy | Lexology

Is The New iPhone X Face ID an Invasion of Your Privacy? | TechCo

Public Records

Court Rules Public Records on Personal Email Accounts Are Subject to Release | Seven Days

 This Week in Data Breaches

Emails Lead To Data Breach At Healthy Kids | WUSF (Florida)

Embarrassing’ Voter Data Leak Will Never Happen Again, Election Chief Says | DNA Info Chicago

Millions caught in South Africa’s ‘worst data breach’ | BBC News

ALERT: Library patrons in 10 western Wisconsin counties affected in data breach | 25News

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