Privacy News for October 11

Government Surveillance

The Same FBI that Wants to Destroy Encryption is Still Illegally Snooping on Americans | Reason

Everyday Surveillance

How Photos of Your Kids are Powering Surveillance Technology | The New York Times

Biometric Privacy

At Some Airports, Your Face is Your ID. But Does that Put Your Privacy at Risk? | Los Angeles Times

France Set to Roll Out Nationwide Facial Recognition ID Program | Bloomberg


US Wants Facebook to Backdoor WhatsApp and Halt Encryption Plans | ArsTechnica

Schneier Slams Australia’s Encryption Laws and CyberCon Speaker Bans | ZDNet

Study: Americans Still Confused by 2FA, Encryption & Private Browsing | The Next Web

Thunderbird to Add Built-in Support for OpenPGP Email Encryption Standard | ZDNet

Vulnerabilities and Exploits

Warning for Windows Users as Encryption Breaking Malware Breaks Cover | Forbes

This Week in Data Breaches

A ‘Government Database’ of 92 Million [Brazilian] Citizen Records for Sale to Highest Bidder | Forbes

1.5 Million Patients’ Data Exposed in September-Reported Healthcare Breaches | Modern Healthcare

New Zealand Health NGO’s Data Breach Could Affect up to 1 Million People | TechRadar

TransUnion Says Data on 37,000 Canadians may have been Compromised | CBC

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