Privacy News for October 2

Privacy and the Pandemic

Online Privacy Loss: Another Covid-19 Aftershock | STAT

ACLU Raises Questions about Massachusetts Data Privacy | Government Technology

COVID-19 Controls Turn Asia into Global Surveillance Hotspot, Analysts Say | Reuters

Drones, Fever Goggles, Arrests: Millions in Asia Face ‘Extreme’ Covid Surveillance | The Guardian

China, Pakistan Lead Asia in Virus-Related Surveillance Risk | Bloomberg

Students’ and Minors’ Privacy

Students are Pushing Back Against Proctoring Surveillance Apps | EFF

How it Feels When Software Watches you Take Tests | The New York Times

Government Surveillance

Detroit Makes Controversial Decision to Extend Police Facial Recognition Contract | FindBiometrics

Senator Wyden Presses the DHS on ‘Unconstitutional’ Surveillance | The Nation

US Issues Human Rights Guidelines for Exporters of Surveillance Tech | The Diplomat

Russian Surveillance Tech Startup Ntechlab Nets $13M from Sovereign Wealth Funds | TechCrunch

Netherlands: End Dangerous Mass Surveillance Policing Experiments | Amnesty International

Six-Year Surveillance Operation by Iranian Hackers Targeted Dissidents, Tracked Locations and Stole Personal Information | CPO Magazine

Vallejo Police Expand Community Surveillance with License Plate Readers | Fox KTVU

Surveillance Capitalism

Twitter Partner’s Alerts Highlight Divide over Surveillance | The Wall Street Journal

Amazon’s new Home Drone is Sparking Surveillance Dystopia Fears | Business Insider

The Hidden Cost of Amazon’s Surveillance Tech | OneZero

Laws, Regulations, and Legislation

At White House’s Urging, Republicans Launch Anti-Tech Blitz Ahead of Election | Politico

California’s New Privacy Rights are Tough to Use, Consumer Reports Study Finds | Consumer Reports

Biometric Privacy

Privacy of Biometric Data in DHS Hands in Doubt, Inspector General Says | Roll Call

Amazon’s Palm Reading Starts at the Grocery Store, but it Could be so Much Bigger | The Verge

Singapore’s Use of Facial Verification in ID Scheme Stirs Privacy Fears | Reuters


Our Right to Encryption is a Fight we Can’t Afford to Lose | Forbes

Why a Backdoor to Encrypted Data is Detrimental to Cybersecurity and Data Integrity | The Hill

What Facebook Users Need to Know about the Company’s End-to-End Encryption Plans | Fast Company

Understanding WhatsApp and its End-to-End Encryption for Privacy, Security | Business Standard

Encryption is Valuable – But Without Key Management, it’s Destined to Fail | Security Boulevard

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

DC Bar Data Breach Exposes Thousands of Members and Applicants to Potential Data Theft | The Jurist

Las Vegas Students’ Personal Data Leaked, Post-Ransomware Attack | ThreatPost

Furloughed Rutgers Employees’ Identities Stolen | My Central Jersey

Kylie Jenner’s Cosmetics Company was Affected by the Shopify Data Breach | Business Insider

Privacy Tools and Techniques

Top Security Tips to Protect Yourself from Cyberfraud while Traveling | Forbes

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