Privacy News for October 25

Government Surveillance

The “Undeserving Poor:” a Framework for Researching and Challenging Aspects of Social Benefits Systems that Surveil, Control, and Punish People | Privacy International

Biometric Privacy

UNICEF Releases Guidelines for Use of Biometric Technology on Children | BiometricUpdate

UN Special Rapporteur and Rights Groups Warn of Risks from Biometrics and AI in Welfare Systems | BiometricUpdate

Culture Clash on Facial Recognition: China and the West Take Different Paths | eMarketer

Students’ and Minors’ Privacy

Under Digital Surveillance: How American Schools Spy on Millions of Kids | The Guardian

Education Before Regulation: Empowering Students to Question their Data Privacy | EducauseReview


Comcast is Lobbying Against Encryption that Could Prevent it from Learning Your Browsing History | Vice

Facebook is Developing Anti-Predator Measures to Protect Children | Engadget

Rethinking Encryption | Lawfare

Laws, Regulations, and Legislation

New York City Eyes Regulations of Facial Recognition Technology | SecurityInfoWatch

Thought Pieces

Would a Unique Patient Identifier Increase the Risk to Patient Privacy? | Health IT Security

Deepfakes and Voice as the Next Data Breach | HelpNetSecurity

This Week in Data Breaches

NordVPN Reveals Server Breach that Could Have Let Attacker Monitor Traffic | The Verge

NordVPN and TorGuard VPN Breaches: What You Need to Know | PC Magazine

Women’s Care Clinic Hit by Data Breach, Half a Million Patients’ Info at Risk | Insurance Business America

Equifax Lawsuit: ‘Admin’ as Password at Time of 2017 Breach | Forbes

Mercedes App was Leaking Car Owners’ Data to Other Users | Engadget

CenturyLink Customer Details Exposed Online, 2.8 Million Records Leaked | Comparitech

Customer Data from Best Western and Other Hotels Exposed in Massive Data Breach | SiliconANGLE

The Chintzy Way Zappos Wants to Compensate Victims of a 2012 Data Breach | Slate

Privacy Tools

How to Change BitLocker Encryption Method & Cipher Strength in Windows 10 | TheWindowsClub

Firefox 70 Released with In-Browser Data Breach Notifications | BleepingComputer [Social Media Tracker Protection and Privacy Protections Report also added]

Vulnerabilities and Exploits

Student Hacked into Downington Area School District System to Gain Competitive Advantage in Water Gun Fight, Officials Say | CBS Philly


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