Privacy News for October 4

Government Surveillance

How ICE Picks its Targets in the Surveillance Age | The New York Times Magazine

Biometric Privacy

Trump Plans Huge Expansion of DNA Collection from Migrants at US-Mexico Border | Independent

ACLU Furthers Investigation into the Scope of Facial Recognition Activity in Michigan | ACLU

Counter-Terroism Experts Warn of Human Rights Issues with Facial Recognition, Other Biometrics | Washington Square News

Rapid DNA Machines in Police Departments Need Regulation | ACLU

A Federal Privacy Board is Reviewing DHS’ Airport Facial Recognition Programs | Nextgov

Laws, Regulations, and Legislation

United State: New California Privacy Rights and Enforcement Act (CalPREA) Ballot Initiative | mondaq


Google Reportedly Under Antitrust Scrutiny for New Internet Encryption Protocol | CNET

New WhatsApp and Facebook Encryption ‘Backdoors’–What’s Really Going On | Forbes

Vulnerabilities and Exploits

Over 500 US Schools were Hit by Ransomware in 2019 | ZDNet

Hack Breaks PDF Encryption, Opens Content to Attackers | ThreatPost

This Week in Data Breaches

Tax and PII Records of 20 Million Russians Stored without Encryption, Leaked Online | ZDNet

Zynga Data Breach Exposed 200 Million Words with Friends Players | CNET

DoorDash Suffered a Data Breach that Affected 4.9 Million People | CNN

NHS Patients’ Medical Images Open to All on Web | The Times

Oregon Judicial Department Data Breach | NBC

Zendesk Discloses 2016 Data Breach | ZDNet

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