Privacy News for October 5

Corporate Surveillance

Privacy at an inflection point: Why the time has come for meaningful U.S. regulation | GeekWire

Why should anybody trust Facebook with their personal data? | ReCode

Apple CEO Tim Cook says that it’s a ‘challenge’ getting Congress up to speed on the need for new privacy regulations | Business Insider

The tech industry is suddenly pushing for federal privacy legislation. Watch out. | Washington Post

AT&T CEO wants Congress to create privacy “rules of the road” | Hollywood Reporter

Digital IDs Are More Dangerous Than You Think | Wired

Ad industry finally embraces privacy rules | Axios

Students’ and Minors’ Privacy

Why we need a broader conversation about ed-tech privacy | IAPP

Senators call for federal investigation of children’s apps | New York Times


Facebook wins court battle over law enforcement access to encrypted phone calls | The Washington Post

Feds force suspect to unlock an Apple iPhone X with their face | Forbes

Law and Regulation

Fork Over Passwords or Pay the Price, New Zealand Tells Travelers | New York Times

Vermont’s New Data Privacy Law | Electronic Frontier Foundation

This European ruling could break the internet | Bloomberg

This Week in Data Breaches

Facebook faces $1.6 billion fine as top EU regulator officially opens probe into data breach | CNBC

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