Privacy News for September 28

Government Surveillance

Legislators pushing a Patriot Act, but for human trafficking in the wake of FOSTA | Tech Dirt

Corporate Surveillance

Commerce Department Seeks Comments on Outcome-Based Privacy Protections | NextGov

NTIA Seeks Comment on New Approach to Consumer Data Privacy | U.S. Dept. of Commerce

U.S. seeks input on privacy rules to protect consumer data | Reuters

Just don’t call it privacy | The New York Times

Our Data Is Out There – And We Aren’t Doing Much To Protect It | (Palm Beach)

US privacy law is on the horizon. Here’s how tech companies want to shape it | C|Net

A seemingly small change to Chrome stirs big controversy | Wired

Biometric Privacy

Delta to use facial recognition in Atlanta’s international terminal |  Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Students’ and Minors’ Privacy

How students learned to stop worrying – and love being spied upon | The Chronicle of Higher Education

Right to Be Forgotten

GDPR/Right to be Forgotten Being Used To Try To Disappear Public US Court Docket | TechDirt


Cat-and-mouse game: Customers demand cybersecurity, law enforcement wants easier access to evidence | ABA Journal

Law and Regulation

Congress wants to hear from everyone but consumers in a hearing on consumer privacy | Los Angeles Times

Fight looms over national privacy law | The Hill

EFF opposes industry efforts to have Congress roll back state privacy protections | EFF

Google releases framework to guide data privacy legislation | The Hill

California Governor Approves Revisions to Consumer Privacy Act | National Law Review

This Week in Data Breaches

Uber will pay $148 million in connection to a 2016 data breach and cover-up | CNBC




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