Privacy News and Views for September 15

Featured: Equifax (…a data breach so large it couldn’t be limited to just one week.)

On the Equifax Data Breach | Schneier on Security

 Finally, Some Answers From Equifax to Your Data Breach Questions | New York Times

 The Equifax hacks are a case study in why we need better data breach laws | Vox

Equifax’s Instructions Are Confusing. Here’s What to Do Now. | New York Times

How to protect yourself from that massive Equifax breach | Wired

Equifax Faces Multibillion-Dollar Lawsuit Over Hack | Bloomberg Law

Government Surveillance

ACLU and EFF sue Trump administration over cell phone searches at the border | Motherboard

Agents are increasingly searching smartphones at the border. This lawsuit wants to limit that. | The Washington Post

Lawmakers Want Limits on Wiretaps Despite Trump Administration Objections | New York Times

Our View: Program should balance privacy with security | Portland Press Herald (Maine)

DreamHost considers fighting order to cough up info on visitors of anti-Tump website | Los Angeles Times

Corporate Surveillance

Why do big hacks happen? Blame Big Data | The Guardian

How to stop the next unstoppable mega-breach – or at least slow it down | Wired

Verizon gives away cool freebies, as long as you give away your privacy | Los Angeles Times

Fitness Tracking Startups Are Sweating Due to EU Privacy Regulators | Bloomberg News

Libraries and Privacy

Prepare Now for Topical Storm Chrome 62 | Go to Hellman


Travel Guide to the Digital World #4: Encryption Policy for Human Rights Defenders | Global Partners Digital

Apple’s iOS 11 will make it even harder for cops to extract your data | Wired

Biometric Privacy

What you should know about privacy and Apple’s FaceID on iOS 11 | Ars Technica

iPhone X’s Face ID raises security and privacy questions | TechCrunch

Right to be Forgotten

What is the Right to Be Forgotten and where did it come from? |  TechWorld

Law and Regulation

California Broadband Privacy Bill Nears Vote | MediaPost

ISPs claim a privacy law would weaken online security and increase pop-ups | Ars Technica (California)

This Week in Data Breaches

One Million Site Users Potentially Affected by Data Breach | Tripwire

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