Privacy News for September 11

Privacy and the Pandemic

The Pandemic is No Excuse to Surveil Students | The Atlantic

Louisiana Continues to Share Residents’ COVID Data, but Reasons are Sketchy | HoumaToday

Government Surveillance

Court Rules NSA Phone Snooping Illegal – After 7-Year Delay | Politico

Court Overseeing National Security Surveillance Finds FBI Routinely Doesn’t Observe Rules | CNN

No Surprise the Feds Abuse Mass Surveillance | Los Angeles Daily News

Warrant Canary: What you Need to Know About this Online Privacy Warning Sign | CNET

Alaska Court Rules Police Need Aerial Surveillance Warrants | SCNow

ACLU Takes Argument Against Baltimore’s Aerial Surveillance Plane Program to Court | CBS Baltimore

Lopez Proposes Dramatic Expansion of Chicago’s Camera Surveillance Network | Chicago Sun-Times

Biometric Privacy

GAO Audit Finds Fault in CBP’s Use of Biometric Technology | Find Biometrics

New DHS Rule to Boost Biometrics Collection by 2M Each Year | MeriTalk

TSA Announces Biometric Check-In Pilot Project | Find Biometrics

FBI Upgrades Biometric Technologies: The Bureau Adds Iris Recognition and Altered Fingerprint Detection | Signal

Portland’s Fight Against Face Surveillance | EFF

Slouching Towards Dystopia

General who Oversaw NSA Surveillance Collection Joins Amazon’s Board of Directors | Forbes

Wilmington [North Carolina] Police Borrow M-16s, Helicopters from Department of Defense | Havelock News

Privacy Tools and Techniques

The Future of Anti-Surveillance Fashion is Bright (Because the World is Going to Hell) | Mashable

A Look at Password Security, Part V: Disk Encryption | The Mozilla Blog

GSA Data Ethics Framework | General Services Administration (USA)
When the Federal Data Strategy team created the2020 Action Plan, they tasked the General Services Administration (GSA) with developing a Data Ethics Framework in Action to help agency employees, managers, and leaders make ethical decisions as they acquire, manage, and use data.”

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

North Shore University Health System Data Breach [Blackbaud] Affects More than 340,000 People | CBS Chicago

Warner Music Notifies Customers of Web-Skimming Attack; Personal and Financial Data Potentially Viewed by Cybercriminals | Security Boulevard

A Data Fail Left [London] Banks and Councils Exposed by a Quick Google Search | WIRED

Malware Gang Uses .NET Library to Generate Excel Docs that Bypass Security Checks | ZDNet

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