Privacy News for September 13

Everyday Surveillance

No Body’s Business But Mine: How Menstruation Apps Are Sharing Your Data | Privacy International

Microsoft’s Privacy Policy Admits Contractors Listen to Cortana, Skype Recordings: There’s no Way to Opt out for Now | PCWorld

Computer Science Curriculums [sic] must Emphasize Privacy over Capability | Forbes

DMVs are selling your data to private investigators | Vice

US border agents are seeking social-media data on international students | Chronicle of Higher Education

Biometric Privacy

Do Our Faces Deserve the Same Protection as Our Phones? | Wired

Facebook Expands Use of Face Recognition | Naked Security

Delta Air Lines will use Facial Recognition Cameras at LAX Boarding Gates | Los Angeles Times

Privacy in the Library

How the New York Public Library Guards Privacy in the Digital Age | The Wall Street Journal

Libraries Blast Media Giant about Public Privacy Concerns | Jackson Hole News & Guide

Laws and Regulations

The Imitation Game: How the CCPA is Inspiring Other States to Regulate Consumer Data and Online Privacy | JDSupra

Web Scraping Doesn’t Violate Anti-Hacking Law, Appeals Court Rules | Ars Technica

Google, Big Tech Fail to Weaken California Data-Privacy Law | Bloomberg

51 Major CEOs Ask Congress for Federal Privacy Law Blocking State Rules | The Hill

The Ninth Circuit Addresses Article III Standing and the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act | JD Supra

Is New York state about to gut its student data privacy? | Washington Post


Firefox Plans Controversial New Encryption Setting for Millions, and Update Starts this Month | Forbes

Weakness in Intel Chips Lets Researchers Steal Encrypted SSH Keystrokes | Ars Technica

This Week in Data Breaches

Boy Scouts’ Information Exposed During Brief Data Breach | Charlotte Agenda

GDPR’s Big Moment has Just Arrived – With a $228 Million Data Breach Fine | CPO Magazine

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