Privacy News for September 18

Privacy and the Pandemic

COVID-19 is Helping Turn Brazil into a Surveillance State [podcast w/ transcript] | MIT Technology Review

Students’ and Minors’ Privacy

Schools are Buying up Surveillance Technology to Fight COVID-19 | The Next Web

The Dark Side of Campus Efforts to Stop Covid-19 | Washington Post

Online Learning’s Toll on Kid’s Privacy | Axios

Biometric Privacy

Police in Japan Reveal Use of Facial Biometrics in Criminal Probes |

Government Surveillance

How Constant Surveillance Puts Protesters at Risk [interview with Simone Browne] | Marketplace

Operation Legend is Bringing Surveillance Tech to Cities | The Intercept

Three Interactive Tools for Understanding Police Surveillance | EFF

Canadian Police Using Tech that Tries to Predict Potential Crimes, Monitor Private Chat Rooms, Report Finds | CBC

China’s ‘Hybrid War’: Beijing’s Mass Surveillance of Australia and the World for Secrets and Scandal | Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Surveillance Capitalism

How Can We Fight Surveillance Capitalism? | Columbia Journalism Review


EU Proposal Targets Digital Encryption | Financial Times

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

Veterans’ Records, Personal Information Exposed in Data Breach | ABC News

Minnesota’s Second-Largest Health Care Data Breach Hits Children’s, Allina | Minneapolis Star Tribune

Private Data Gone Public: Razer Leaks 100,000+ Gamers’ Personal Info | Ars Technica

Vulnerabilities and Exploits

BLURtooth Attack Overwrites Bluetooth Encryption Keys | TechXplore

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