Privacy News for September 20

Everyday Surveillance

Secret F.B.I. Subpoenas Scoop Up Personal Data From Scores of Companies | New York Times

You Watch TV. Your TV Watches Back | The Washington Post

A privacy lawyer set up a smart TV. Here’s what happened | Lexology

Biometric Privacy

Facial Recognition Technology Threatens to End All Individual Privacy | The Guardian

Researchers Introduce AI Face Anonymization Model to Secure Privacy |

Laws, Legislation, and Regulations

Newsletter: CEOs Support a Federal Privacy Law, but for All the Wrong Reasons | Los Angeles Times

New Jersey’s Data Breach Notification Law Went into Effect on Sept 1 to Include Account Takeover PII Data | Security Boulevard

Utah is the Model for a New Age of Digital Privacy | Washington Examiner


How Does Computer Encryption Work? [interview/primer] | The Naked Scientists

Report: FBI Tried to Get Encrypted Phone Firm to Build Backdoor so they Could Spy on Sinaloa Cartel | Gizmodo

Privacy Tools

Privacy Hacked: Data Leaks – Best Ways to Protect Yourself Online | Forbes

5 Best TrueCrypt Alternatives – Open Source Encryption Apps | ProPrivacy

This Week in Data Breaches

Security Firm: Data Breach Exposes Millions of Ecuadorians | ABC News

Sensitive Personal and Financial Data of What’s Likely an Entire Country Leaked Online | Slate

Russian Spies ‘Breached FBI Encrypted Communications’ | Forbes

The Real Risk of Data Breach and What Schools Can Do to be Prepared | JD Supra

Victim Total Soars in County Health Data Breach: Minnesota County Says Tally is 118,000, not 600 as Originally Reported | GovInfo Security

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