Privacy News and Views for June 15


Librarian sues Equifax over 2017 data breach, wins $600 | Krebs on Security

In a Big Data World, Scholars Need New Guidelines for Research | Scientific American

Government Surveillance

The administration of Mayor Rahm Emanuel keeps monitoring protesters | ProPublica

‘Surveillance society’: has technology at the US-Mexico border gone too far? | The Guardian

US Government’s biometric database worries privacy advocates | Naked Security

Corporate Surveillance

Facebook let select companies have “special access” to user data, per report | Ars Technica

User Agreements Are Betraying You | Medium

Here’s what a privacy policy that’s easy to understand could look like | The Conversation

Apple can’t protect you from data trackers forever. No one can | C|Net

The Three Major Forms of Surveillance on Facebook | Siva Vaidhyanthan, Slate

Why Do We Care So Much About Privacy? | The New Yorker

The privacy conundrum: What will you give up to protect your identity? | Forbes

Facebook Tells Senate It Started a Privacy Design Lab Called TTC | Bloomberg

Students’ and Minors’ Privacy

Facebook’s policies on teens should be probed by FTC, child advocacy group says | USA Today

Why the recent Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data ‘breach’ matters for students | Brookings Institution

Trump’s Education Department steps up to defend student privacy | The Hill (Opinion)

Encryption and Data Security

Proposed ENCRYPT Bill to Create National Data Encryption Rules | eNews

Legislators Reintroduce Pro-Encryption Bills After FBI Destroys Its Own ‘Going Dark’ Narrative | TechDirt

Apple to Close iPhone Security Hole That Police Use to Crack Devices | The New York Times

Are any encrypted messaging apps fail-safe? Subjects of Mueller’s investigation are about to find out. | Washington Post

The Blockchain: What It Is and How It Can Benefit Libraries (Part Two) | OIF Blog

Law and Regulation

The battle over California privacy ballot initiative looms large in 2018 | Government Technology

Libraries and Privacy

Brooklyn Public Library, Queens Library, and The New York Public Library Join Forces for New Digital Privacy Initiative | OIF Blog

Library Freedom Project introduces inaugural cohort | OIF Blog