Privacy News and Views for May 25

Featured: Happy GDPR Day!

Sweeping Internet Privacy Protection Regulations To Take Effect | NPR

Why is Everyone Updating Their Terms of Use and Privacy Policies? | San Jose Public Library

The General Data Protection Regulation Explained | Educause

The General Data Protection Regulation sets privacy by default | Brookings Institution

What  is GDPR and how will it affect you? | The Guardian  (Note: EU orientation)

Most GDPR emails unnecessary and some illegal, say experts | The Guardian

U.S. News Outlets Block European Readers Over New Privacy Rules | New York Times

Sites block users, shut down activities and flood inboxes as GDPR rules loom | The Guardian

New privacy law forces some U.S. media offline in Europe | Reuters

Government Surveillance

Police use of Amazon’s face-recognition service draws privacy warnings | Ars Technica

Judge Allows Fourth Amendment Challenge Of Warrantless Device Searches At The Border | Techdirt

Eleventh Circuit Creates Circuit Split on Cell Phone Border Searches | The Volokh Conspiracy

Inside the Massive U.S. ‘Border Zone’ Where the Border Patrol Has Expanded Its Search and Seizure Rights  | CityMap

Corporate Surveillance

Apps used to stalk can endanger domestic violence victims, but be difficult for lawyers to uncover | ABA Journal

Amazon confirms that Echo device secretly shared user’s private audio | Ars Technica

Why privacy settings can’t keep your location secret | Marketplace

Libraries and Privacy

Library’s $3.4M radio frequency technology proposal meets with opposition | San Francisco Examiner

Students’ and Minors’ Privacy

New York high school will use CCTV and facial recognition to enforce discipline | BoingBoing

Lawmakers roll out bill to protect children from online data collection | The Hill

Privacy Self-Defense

Apple launches new privacy portal, users can download a copy of everything Apple knows about them | 9to5 Mac

The 6 best apps for keeping your private messages safe from hackers, spies, and trolls | Business Insider


‘Significant’ FBI Error Reignites Data Encryption Debate | Wired

Biometric Privacy

Amazon is selling facial recognition tech to law enforcement | Endgadget

Law and Regulation

States Stumble on Internet Privacy | Pew Charitable Trusts: Stateline

California Consumer Privacy Act Likely to Appear on Ballot in November | Data Privacy + Security Insider

This Week in Data Breaches

Comcast is (update: was) leaking the names and passwords of customers’ wireless routers | TechCrunch

Teen phone monitoring app leaked thousands of user passwords | ZD Net

Kent County church targeted in data breach | Fox17 Online (MI)

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