Training for Library Workers

A privacy-focused library starts with its staff. Robust privacy education for staff translates into staff that can teach users about privacy. Staff also become advocates for protecting their right to privacy in the library.

  • NYC Digital Safety: Privacy & Security – Seven online training modules for library library staff. Modules feature core concepts in data privacy and online security. A three-hour training curriculum is also available.
  • Data Privacy Project – Learning modules and curriculum to train library staff on:
      • How information travels.
      • How informations is shared online.
      • What risks users commonly encounter online.
      • How libraries can better protect user privacy.
  • Library Freedom Institute – A free, privacy-focused, four-month program for librarians. It teaches them the skills necessary to thrive as Privacy Advocates. Examples of training range from educating community members to influencing public policy.
  • Data Privacy Toolkit – A Pacific Library Partnership (PLP) guide for managing and protecting library user privacy. This comprehensive guide incorporates both high-level and detailed information. It also includes number of templates and examples libraries can use to develop their own contract addendums, privacy policies, and privacy workshops.

Programming & Lesson Plans

Interested in programming for your library users? Check out programming and lesson plans for Academic, Public, and School Libraries.