Civic Engagement

ALA has developed the following resources to help librarians convene forums and moderate community discussions on privacy in conjunction with Choose Privacy Week.

Guide for Moderators [pdf]
This document outlines the steps and process for a moderator to convene a forum on privacy in their community. Libraries are a perfect location for this form of civic engagement. Librarians may choose to serve as moderators or to find other individuals in the community to fill the moderator’s role. This PDF containts the information necessary for moderators of a forum on privacy. Moderators should also have their own copy of the participants’ guide (see link below) available for reference.
Guide for Participants [pdf]
This document can be distributed to individuals participating in a library-hosted community discussion on privacy. It provides an overview of the deliberative process and outlines the privacy issues to be considered.
Checklist for Convening A Forum on Privacy [pdf]
Outlines the steps needed to host a successful forum on privacy in your library.
Supporting Materials
Privacy Issue Map [pdf] and Privacy Wordle [pdf].

For more information about convening forums and moderating community discussions about privacy in libraries, visit ALA’s Libraries Fostering Civic Engagement MIG website or send inquiries via email to Carolyn Caywood or Nancy Kranich.