Educate yourself on how libraries can protect the privacy of online users.

Librarians and library workers can be the privacy experts in their communities.

Tools to Protect User Privacy
Technologies and practices users can employ to protect their online privacy.
Guidelines & Checklists for Libraries
Privacy guidelines, checklists, and other resources to assist librarians, libraries, schools and vendors develop best practices for online privacy.
Sample Policies & Documents
Samples of privacy policies and other documents to give you ideas on how to get started.
HTTPS & Let’s Encrypt
Resources on using HTTPS and Let’s Encrypt on library websites and servers.
Students & Minors
Selected resources on students’ and minors’ privacy including federal laws, scholarly articles, standards and principles, news and viewpoints, and legislative outlook.
Presentations & Webinars
Recent presentations and webinars on privacy and libraries.
Privacy Training & Education for Librarians
Privacy curricula and training resources on privacy and libraries.


Check out the Programs section of this website for information about hosting events and activities to raise awareness and engage library users on privacy issues.