Presentations & Webinars

A Practical Guide to Privacy Audits
Recording of April 16th, 2018 webinar on conducting privacy audits presented by San Jose Public Library. It’s one small step for your library, one giant leap for protecting privacy, confidentiality, and intellectual freedom!
Practical Privacy for the Library: An Intellectual Freedom Issues Briefing
Slide deck from presentation at ALA conference on privacy issues in libraries, how to protect the privacy of patron data in the integrated library system, how to use Let’s Encrypt to install free HTTPS certificates on library websites and services and providing anonymous web browsing using TOR and other tools. Presentation given June 26, 2017.
Practical Privacy Practices: Choose Privacy Week 2017
Webinar on actionable steps your library can take today to improve your users’ privacy in three areas: how to configure and manage the integrated library system; how to install free HTTPS certificates on your websites using Let’s Encrypt; and how to provide anonymous web browsing using TOR and other tools. Recorded on April 13, 2017.
Protecting Patron Privacy with Evergreen
Slide deck from presentation on steps you can take to protect the privacy of patron data in the Evergreen integrated library system. The principles that are covered are applicable to any integrated library system, not just Evergreen. Presentation given at 2017 Evergreen International Conference.
Man in the Middle: E-Rate, Filtering, and Cyber-Security
Slide deck of presentation for September 15, 2016 American Libraries Live webcast on the the E-rate expansion, history of ALA and filtering, new issues about specific filtering approaches, and practical suggestions for libraries.
Changing Landscape of Library Privacy
Webinar and slide deck for June 15, 2017 TechSoup webcast on the ethical and legal foundations of library confidentiality and the threats from commercial surveillance to the privacy of library users.
Raising Privacy Awareness in Your Library: Choose Privacy Week 2016
Webinar on developing privacy programming that will educate and engage your library users and provide an update on current privacy issues confronting libraries today. Recorded on March 24, 2016.