Students & Minors

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Federal Student Privacy Laws

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Full text of the law:

Student Privacy 101: Student Privacy at the U.S. Department of Education

FERPA – SHERPA Student Privacy Resource Center
(sponsored by the Future of Privacy Forum)

FERPA Primer: The Basics and Beyond
by George C. Hlavac, Esq., and Edward J. Easterly, Esq.

Privacy and Children’s Data: An Overview of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Berkman Center Research Publication No. 23

Complying with COPPA: A FAQ for Businesses and Parents
Federal Trade Commission

Scholarly Articles on Minors’ Privacy

Privacy for Children
Columbia Human Rights Law Review

Minors’ Constitutional Right to Informational Privacy
University of Chicago Law Review

Youth, Privacy, and Reputation
Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University

Library Records Open to Parental Scrutiny: A New Set of Internet Access Controls for Minors?
29 Columbia Journal of Law & the Arts 361
(available through Lexis/Nexis; on file with the Office for Intellectual Freedom)

From the article:  Parental access provisions that are intended to chill a child’s exercise of free intellectual inquiry are arguably viewpoint discriminatory in that they practically reduce a minor’s choice of information to ideas that are parentally sanctioned. Library records confidentiality statutes should ideally be narrowly tailored to allow greater intellectual freedom to older minors, especially in light of the fact that minors’ access to objectionable internet materials is already limited under the filtering regime imposed by the Children’s Internet Protection Act. Asserting mature minors’ free speech interests in the confidentiality of library records is important in developing a liberal free speech jurisprudence regarding both mature minors and internet access.

Standards and Principles

Library Privacy Guidelines for Students in K-12 Schools

Library Privacy Checklist for Students in K-12 Schools

American Association of School Librarians’ Position Statement on the Confidentiality of Library Records

Student Privacy Bill of Rights

Student Data Principles

Student Data Privacy Pledge

Privacy and Cloud Computing in Public Schools
Fordham Center On Law And Information Policy

The Library’s Role in Protecting Teens’ Privacy: A YALSA Position Paper

Privacy: An Interpretation of the ALA Library Bill of Rights

Information for Students, Parents and Educators

Law Enforcement Access to Student Records: A Guide for School Administrators & Ed Tech Service Providers
Future of Privacy Forum

Student Privacy
Spying on Students: School-Issued Devices and Student Privacy
Electronic Frontier Foundation

Protecting Your Child’s Privacy Online and Children’s Privacy
Federal Trade Commission

Learning To Be Watched: Surveillance Culture at School
National Educational Policy Center – University of Colorado at Boulder

Surveillance Self-Defense for LGBTQ Youth
Electronic Frontier Foundation

5 Back to School Privacy Tips for Parents of K-12 Students
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

The Educator’s Guide to Student Data Privacy of Privacy Forum

Protecting Privacy in Connected Learning Toolkit
CoSN – Consortium for School Networking

EPIC Student Privacy Project
Electronic Privacy Information Center

Protecting Student Privacy
U.S. Department of Education

Sample Resources

State Student Privacy Laws
The Future of Privacy Forum

Protecting Your Child’s Privacy Online [Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) FAQ]
Federal Trade Commission

Privacy in Education
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

Student Privacy 101
World Privacy Forum

Data Privacy:  Get Schooled
Free online course on the use of data in education that includes a discussion of privacy concerns.
Canvas Network

News and Viewpoints

Why Digital Education Could Be a Double-Edged Sword (Student Data Privacy)
PBS News Hour

Which Students Get to Have Privacy?
danah boyd

The Problem with Student Privacy, and How to Protect It
School Library Journal

When FERPA Fails to Make the Grade, States Rachet Up Student Privacy Laws
Khaliah Barnes, EPIC

Is Student Privacy Erased As Classrooms Turn Digital?
Christian Science Monitor

White House backs student data privacy bill
The Hill

Schools, Government Agencies Move to Share Student Data
Education Week

A Special Report on Student-Data Privacy
Education Week

Why Many Kids Are Leaving Social Networks
Christian Science Monitor

ACLU, Tenth Amendment Center Join Forces on Data Privacy
Education Week