How Libraries Can Respond to the Repeal of the FCC Privacy Rules

by Deborah Caldwell-Stone and Michael Robinson This week Congress, voting along party lines, passed a resolution that repealed the groundbreaking privacy rules adopted by the Federal Communications Commission last October under the Obama administration.  The new rules would have required

Choose Privacy Week 2013: Librarians and Journalists, Natural Friends but Sometimes Foes

Welcome to this year’s special online observance for Choose Privacy Week!  From May 1 to May  7, noted privacy experts and advocates will be providing guest commentaries that explore issues related to privacy rights, government surveillance, and the impact on

Countdown to Choose Privacy Week, May 1-7

In this era of “Big Data,” we know that our location, our phone calls, our purchases, our Facebook posts and our web site visits are being monitored, recorded, collected, and stored. But too often we can’t tell who’s collecting our data, or how they’re making use of our personal information.

During Choose Privacy Week, May 1-7, 2013, we invite everyone to answer the critical question, “Who’s tracking you?” We believe everyone should have the right to know who’s collecting their information and choose how their private data is used.

“People who understand how personal data is generated, collected, stored, and used are better equipped to take control of their personal data and demand accountability from the agencies and corporations that store and use their information,” says Barbara Jones, director of the Office for Intellectual Freedom.

This year’s Choose Privacy Week observance will feature a week-long online forum that will include an introduction by Barbara Jones and guest commentaries by academics, librarians, and civil liberties experts that discuss current threats to personal privacy and how each threat impacts personal freedoms and civil liberties. The commentaries will be presented on the newly redesigned website hosted at, the online hub for Choose Privacy Week activities.