Privacy News for August 2

Biometric Privacy

United Airlines is Expanding its Creepy Biometric Screening Technology to more Airport Hubs | Gizmodo

Senators Urge Homeland Security to Release Mandated Report on its use of Biometrics | Nextgov


Government Encryption Backdoors Still Impossible and Pointless, Experts Say | Tom’s Guide

DOJ and FBI Show no Signs of Correcting Past Untruths in their New Attacks on Encryption | EFF

Encryption Standards for Medical Devices ‘Need to be Mandatory’ | Digital Health

‘Five Eyes’ Security Alliance to Discuss Encryption in London: Source | Reuters

WhatsApp and Other Encryption Under Threat after ‘Five Eyes’ Demand Access | Forbes

Is Homomorphic Encryption Ready to Delivery Confidential Cloud Computing to Enterprises? | TechRepublic

Laws and Regulations

New York Expands the Data Security Requirements and Increases the Data Breach Penalties for Entities Holding New Yorkers’ Private Information | JDSupra

Thought Pieces

Security, Surveillance and the Truth about Going Dark | Forbes

Facebook is Globalizing the Idea of Bypassing End-to-End Encryption by Compromising Devices | Reclaim The Net

Here’s how AG Barr is Going to get Encryption ‘Backdoors’ | Engadget

The Justice Department Renews its Irresponsible Calls for Encryption Bypasses | Reason

A Call to End ‘Warrant-Proof’ Encryption, but where does Privacy Protection Fit In? | CIO Dive

Privacy Tools

Statement on the Attempted Phishing Attack Against Bellingcat | Security Boulevard

An iPhone App that Protects your Privacy – For Real this Time | Wired

This Week in Data Breaches

Massive Data Breach Hits Capital One, Affecting more than 100 Million Customers | USA Today

Capital One Data Breach Exposes Tens of Thousands of Social Security Numbers, Linked Bank Accounts | CNBC

Education Software Maker Pearson Says Data Breach Affected Thousands of Accounts in the US | TechCrunch

Robinhood Warns some Users to Change Passwords after Revealing they weren’t Encrypted | CNBC

Equifax Data Breech: How to Claim $125 in the FTC Settlement Now | CNET

Look out for Fake Equifax Websites that are Trying to Steal your Data, FTC Warns | Gizmodo

LAPD Police Officers’ Personal Information Stolen in Data Breach | NBC Los Angeles