Privacy News for February 12

Government Surveillance

The Government Uses ‘Near Perfect Surveillance’ Data on Americans | The New York Times

Tracked but Not Seen: The Fight Against Racist Surveillance | Sojourners

Federal agencies use cellphone location data for immigration enforcement | Wall Street Journal

North Olmsted [Ohio] Considering Resident Video Surveillance Database to Help Solve Crimes |

Coronavirus Brings China’s Surveillance State out of the Shadows | Reuters

Everyday Surveillance

We Are Under Surveillance Almost Every Second of Every Day [podcast] | Iowa Public Radio

Thought Pieces

How public libraries can help close America’s digital privacy divide | Inside Sources

How Much is Privacy Worth Around the World and Across Platforms? | Technology Policy Institute

Biometric Privacy

Google Hit with BIPA Lawsuit over Faceprints | FindBiometrics


The Intelligence Coup of the Century: for Decades the CIA Read the Encrypted Communications of Allies and Adversaries | The Washington Post

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

Personal Data of All 6.5 Million Israeli Voters is Exposed | The New York Times

Facebook Vows to Improve Security after Hack of 29 Million Users | Bloomberg

UN Admits Data Breach from Unpatched SharePoint Vulnerability | CPO Magazine

Privacy Tools and Techniques

How to Use 7zip to Encrypt Files | TechRepublic

Linux Encryption Tool Cryptsetup Now Supports Windows Disk Encrypted Devices | FossBytes

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