Privacy News for June 4, 2021

Privacy During the Pandemic

Lawsuit Filed in Federal Court Over Alleged Data Breach Concerning COVID Contact Tracing Information | The National Law Review

Government Surveillance

Human rights groups call for an end to digital surveillance of immigrants | The Guardian

Police now will have to make a public request for Ring doorbell videos, Amazon says | GeekWire

The All-Seeing Eyes of New York’s 15,000 Surveillance Cameras | WIRED

Laws, Regulations, and Legislation

Seattle’s King County becomes first U.S. county to ban government use of facial recognition software | GeekWire

New Detroit Law Requires Public Hearing for All Surveillance Contracts | FindBiometrics

Past, Present and Future: What’s Happening with Illinois’ and Other Biometric Privacy Laws | The National Law Review

House Bill Would Ban States from Weakening Encryption | Decipher

Biometric Privacy

Bias in facial recognition isn’t hard to discover, but it’s hard to get rid of | Marketplace

Tesla seems to change its mind on cameras monitoring drivers while using Autopilot | CNN

MdDonald’s Biometric Privacy Lawsuit Removed to Federal Court | Bloomberg Law

European Privacy Watchdogs File Multiple GDPR Complaints Against Clearview AI | FindBiometrics

Pangiam Acquires Trueface, a Leader in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Facial Recognition | PR Newswire

Opinion: If facial recognition is not regulated now, it will never be used responsibly | The Washington Post

Slouching Towards Dystopia

Inside Citizen: The public safety app pushing surveillance boundaries | NBC News

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

Fujitsu SaaS Hack Sends Govt. of Japan Scrambling | Threatpost

Scripps Notifying 147K People of Data Breach | InfoSecurity

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