Privacy News for October 30

Government Surveillance

Spy Agency [NSA] Ducks Questions about ‘Back Doors’ in Tech Products | Reuters

Senators Urge Investigation after CBP Admits to Warantless Cell Phone Surveillance | Nextgov

Over 2,000 Law Enforcement Agencies have iPhone Encryption-Breaking Tools | Apple Insider

EPIC Files Lawsuit to Force Release of ICE Facial Recognition Documents |

Biometric Privacy

Mobile Biometrics Issues Investigated by AMBER Researchers |

Activists Turn Facial Recognition Tools Against the Police | The New York Times

Cadillac Fairview Collected 5 Million Shoppers’ Images [in Canada] | Cision

Laws, Regulations, and Legislations

Implications of New York’s SHIELD Act on Biometric Privacy |

Government Facial Recognition Policies Updated in Canada, Sweden and China |


Zoom Launches End-to-End Encryption for Free Meetings–with a Catch | TechCrunch

Slouching Towards Dystopia

Surveillance Startup [Verkada] Used Own Cameras to Harass Coworkers | Vice

Finance Workers are Used to Surveillance. Just not like This. | Bloomberg

This Week in Data Breaches and Leaks

Massive Nitro Data Breach Impacts Microsoft, Google, Apple, More | Bleeping Computer

[Russian] COVID-19 Vaccine-Maker hit with Cyberattack, Data Breach | ThreatPost

Pfizer Suffers Huge Data Breach on Unsecured Cloud Storage | Security Boulevard

Google’s Law Firm Hit by Data Breach, Employee Details Leaked | TechRadar

Patients in Finland Blackmailed after Therapy Records were Stolen by Hackers | CNN